Jason instilled great confidence in my horses


Jason worked with me at Sussex Polo Club for three seasons. I was responsible for training and bringing on young and difficult horses and Jason was invaluable in starting the horses’ education from the ground. 

Jason would regularly lunge my horses, but more crucially, he instilled great confidence in the horses by working with them gently and calmly to solve any issues such as timidness, being head shy & loading issues. He is the best at handling foals that I have ever seen.

Jason’s horse care is second to none – it is uncommon to find someone in this industry to cares so much about the welfare of the horses. My horses were always in great condition and he would always put them before himself. 

Jason is a very responsible, reliable and a conscientious individual who was always on time and never late and you know every task given to him will be completed without fail. ~  Telmo Maidana    | +2 HPA

 youtube-logo  Flying High at the Square Peg International Polo Tournament                   3:13
   Published on 14 Jul 2015

Telmo at Sq Peg Chavo

Telmo playing his own horse Chavo