Polo Pony Training

The benefits of using horsemanship within polo

Without good horses, you are nothing, in polo, it’s 70%  horse, 30% rider. And I have the best horses.’ ~ Adolfo Cambiaso

In this short interview with Monty Roberts, the polo greats – Memo Gracida, Adolfo Cambiaso, Carlos Gracida, Joel Baker and racing trainer Satish Seemar talk about the benefits of using softer, non-violent horsemanship methods to create the greatest polo ponies.

Cambiaso, Memo Gracideas, Carlos Gracidas talk to Monty Roberts about non-violent methods of starting horses
Adolfo Cambiaso talks to Monty Roberts about using Monty’s non-violent method of backing Polo Horses along with Memo & Carlos Gracida. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPbgXO1lE80

Monty also talks about the importance of the next generations learning the art of softness and opening a structured conversation with your horse in a language that the horse understands, something that up-and-coming polo player Isabella Wolf understands and agrees with.