Polo Mentoring Service

Full Young Adult Polo Mentoring Service


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  • Use CrossFit (and CrossFit-style training) and other fitness methods as a training regime to increase strength and mobility.
    Accompany to gym/box sessions if require
  • Rider nutritional advice, assist with easy yet nutritional cooking
  • Operate a ‘pilot’ system for the student where multiple horses are involved
  • Attend polo matches as mentor/groom/driver capacity • Licensed to drive up to D1E
  • Demonstrate how exercises on the ground will improve the horse’s ridden performance on the polo field and recovery rate afterwards
  • Optimising performance through biomechanics, analysis of swing
  • DBS checked
  • Ages 6 to 14


  • Equine fitness & nutrition
  • Equine psychology
  • Horse’s suitability for competitive sport
  • Suitability of current bit
  • Initial assessment of saddle-fit to determine if a qualified saddler should be consulted

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