Equine Empathy EDUCATION
Don’t confuse schooling with Education – Elon Musk

Whilst more ‘traditional’ methods may advocate sorting problems out by riding, Equine Empathy understands that the majority of horse issues can be resolved through the relationship with your horse by working alongside him on the ground. Also, by being aware how the horse perceives the environment (including what/how is being ‘taught’ to the him) you can avoid instilling problems inadvertently.

We provide an all-encompassing service which will analyse:

  • Appropriateness, comfort and fit of tack
  • Appropriateness of the current bit in relation to the horse’s confirmation and mentality
  • Fitness and ground exercises to attain maximum fitness for the horse
  • Style and methods of fitness training for the horse
  • Nutrition and feeding regimes for optimal performance of the horse
  • The fitness of the rider in comparison to the horse
  • The horse’s mental suitability to both its rider and its ‘job’
  • Sports psychology and preparation prior to competition
  • Promoting partnership/horsemanship to achieve peak competitive performance

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The benefits of using horsemanship within polo

Without good horses, you are nothing, in polo, it’s 70%  horse, 30% rider. And I have the best horses.’ ~ Adolfo Cambiaso

In this short interview with Monty Roberts, the polo greats – Memo Gracida, Adolfo Cambiaso, Carlos Gracida, Joel Baker and racing trainer Satish Seemar talk about the benefits of using softer, non-violent horsemanship methods to create the greatest polo ponies.

Cambiaso, Memo Gracideas, Carlos Gracidas talk to Monty Roberts about non-violent methods of starting horses
Adolfo Cambiaso talks to Monty Roberts about using Monty’s non-violent method of backing Polo Horses along with Memo & Carlos Gracida.

Monty also talks about the importance of the next generations learning the art of softness and opening a structured conversation with your horse in a language that the horse understands, something that up-and-coming polo player Isabella Wolf understands and agrees with.

Elon Musk about schooling & education

Full Polo Young Adult Mentoring Service


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    What is CrossFit? Video

    Use CrossFit (and CrossFit-style training) as a training regime to increase strength and mobility.
    Accompany to gym/box sessions if required

  • Rider nutritional advice, assist with easy yet nutritional cooking
  • Operate a ‘pilot’ system for the student where multiple horses are involved
  • Attend polo matches as mentor/groom/driver capacity • Licensed to drive up to D1E
  • Demonstrate how exercises on the ground will improve the horse’s ridden performance on the polo field and recovery rate afterwards
  • Optimising performance through biomechanics, analysis of swing
  • DBS checked


  • Equine fitness & nutrition
  • Equine psychology
  • Horse’s suitability for competitive sport
  • Suitability of current bit
  • Initial assessment of saddle-fit

Some areas that typical horse issues might cover and be addressed using our methods are:

  • Stopping and ‘collection’
  • Straightness
  • Ability to pivot
  • Maintaining gait, direction and ability to chase the ball
  • Issues with trailer or lorry loading
  • Horses that are reluctant to have their feet picked up
  • Fear of clippers
  • Horses that are difficult to lead or barge in to their handler
  • Mounting issues
  • Tacking up issues
  • Biting

Equine Empathy Polo Champions are made_edited-1We do not teach riding, but work in conjunction with the rider to assess the issues before showing you how to improve your horsemanship.  Most issues can be resolved with the use of a round pen.  There is no “quick fix”!