Adolfo Cambiaso’s Dream of Cloned Horses – Crestview Genetics      
The world’s greatest polo player, Adolfo Cambiaso, and his dream coming true. Five of his best horses have been cloned multiple times.
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youtube-logo  3:16 Published on 22 Feb 2012

Join-Up® with Polo 
Polo goes non-violent thanks to Monty Roberts. He interviews the best players in the world (Adolfo Cambiaso | Memo Gracidas | Carlos Gracidas | Joel Baker | and race trainer Satish Seemar) and discusses the benefits of using softer, more effective training methods. Highlighting the importance for the new generation of polo players and how these concepts make the world a better place for horses and polo players too.
youtube-logo  6.27  Published on 23 Jun 2012 

British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) You Tube Channel 
The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has produced a series of short videos, providing quick and simple ways of teaching horses to be quiet, relaxed and safe for injections, clipping, worming, examinations and other veterinary procedures.
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Equine Sight:  How Yours Horse Sees
This fascinating animation from La Cense gives you a glimpse of how your horse perceives his environment through a collaboration between scientists and graphic designers.  Other behavioural videos available to watch:
vimeo-play-button-icon  01:37  Published 10 Nov 2016 by Haras de la Cense | Vimeo 

The 5 Main Areas of Pain Caused by the Bridle
Equitopia explores 5 areas of facial pain caused by the bridle. Learn which areas of your horse’s face to avoid putting pressure on.
youtube-logo  10:01 Published on 16 Jan 2018

The Path of the Horse – Full Length documentary                    
The Path of the Horse documentary explores the future of horse-human relationships. A horse trainer decides that there must be a better way to train horses and her life takes an unexpected turn when she follows her dream and travels the world to interview some of the leading horse experts & authors of equine books.
youtube-logo  1:01:07 Published on 15 Oct 2012

FUSION TV | The world’s coolest cloning lab is at a polo club in Argentina
Welcome to La Ensenada, which uses some of the world’s most sophisticated cloning technology to replicate the potentially lucrative DNA of its best horses.
And for good reason: When it comes to polo, says legendary player Adolfo Cambioso, success is 30% human and 70% horse. Now, star horses such as Cuartetera can have 20 offspring a year instead of two.
This video follows the cloning process from start to finish. It has lots of pretty horses. And it raises the scientific and philosophical question: can knowledge be passed between one clone to another?
youtube-logo 7:05   Published on 9 Feb 2015