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Horsemanship is confidence.  The Eclectic Horseman publishes the most reliable source of high-quality horsemanship information available to the horse community. Eclectic Horseman Communications reaches out to top horsemen and gathers their knowledge and insight to pass along to EHC readers, users and customers.

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Evidence-Based Horsemanship
Evidence-Based Horsemanship combines science and the understanding of brain function with an empirical understanding of the subtleties of a horse’s behaviors, reactions, and chemical states. Based on the Scientist-Practitioner model it involves assessing and integrating scientific findings to inform decisions and create “best practices” in all areas of horse training and care based on empirical outcomes. (i.e. what “works”). It was developed out of a collaboration between Martin Black and Dr. Stephen Peters who felt the public and their horses needed a source of accurate information.