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Game of Clones Part 2


The mental mindset between horse & player

What everyone seems to forget in polo – or indeed in any other competitive equestrian sport – is the mental mindset between horse and rider.

That mental connection with certain horses is why all have our ‘favourites’ in our string that we prefer to ride. When we mount up, we know what to expect; we focus on the game and we are ‘tuned in’ to the horse so that playing the game becomes ‘seamless’ as both horse and player are focusing on the same ‘line’ created by the ball.

Polo works well as the player is so busy focusing on the seven other players around him & hitting the ball, that players tend to “micromanage” their horses far less than riders in other equestrian sports.

Adolfo Cambiaso had the foresight over a decade ago to understand the benefits of having a clone that knows and loves its job, and has a talent for that job.

The traditional breeding of horses leaves their genes and abilities to chance with the hope that a mother can produce a fantastic offspring from a winning sire.  If you can clone a horse that you already know is exceptional, then that changes the odds all together!  It is an obvious choice to have a string of great horses, rather than bringing on an unknown quantity and chopping and changing his mindset and expectations every time he changes a horse.

1. Receiving an exact genetic duplicate of an animal that could surely, because of its genotypic features, express its full sports potential just like its original.
2. Reproductive tool: The cloning process significantly expands the reproductive capacity of the cloned animal. By way of example: The original mare continues its sports life while her clones may be exclusively devoted to the generation of embryos or the geldings regain their reproductive capacity as stallions.
~Strategic Vision | Crestview Genetics

Adolfo Cambiaso uses the analogy of his horses being the Formula 1 of the polo world.  If you had a fleet of Formula 1 cars that performed almost identically, then I am sure Lewis Hamilton would be first in the queue for such a fleet.

Watching Cambiaso clones being loaded on to the lorry at Berkshire Polo Club (#RCBPC #PrinceofWalesTrophy) following a game there, it was mesmerising to see the clones move their heads in unison whenever something caught their collective eye.

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The competitive edge in polo

We admire Cambiaso for thinking outside the restrictive box that everyone else tends to impose on themselves and others around them.
Polo is sport.
It is competitive.
To win you need that competitive edge there is no doubt that Cambiaso has found the ultimate competitive edge!

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