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Video: Why 3-ring gag bits & low drop nosebands cause pain

Equine Empathy WRONG DELUDED_edited-1.jpgA new video by non-profit equine education organization Equitopia on avoiding pain for horses when fitting bridles is a must watch for all riders.  The video explores 5 areas of facial pain caused by the bridle and see which areas of your horse’s face you need to avoid putting pressure on.

Why drop nosebands should be banned & how the 3-ring Gag Bit causes massive pain

The 10-minute video looks into the sensitivity of the various parts of the horse’s bone and nerve structure in relation to areas where the bridle fits, gaining wisdom from William Micklem, designer of the Micklem bridle, and Dr Monica Aleman of UC Davis, one of only a handful of vets worldwide to be dual board certified in both internal medicine and equine neurology.

Equitopia speaks with international coach, speaker, author and inventor of the Micklem Multibridle, William Micklem, as well as UC Davis faculty member Dr. Monica Aleman, one of the few veterinarians in the world duel board certified in both large animal internal medicine and neurology by the American College of Veterinary Medicine (ACVIM)

youtube-logo  10:01  Overcoming the 5 Main Areas of Pain Caused by the Bridle
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‘Crank’ nosebands, cavessons that are too tight and lip straps ALL cover up the symptoms but don’t address the underlying fault:  The horse is in pain and is trying to open its mouth EITHER to alleviate the pain from any one or all of the following :

  • the bit sitting on the bars (gums)
  • the snaffle bit causing a nutcracker action & jabbing the horse in the roof of the mouth with a lump of metal
  • the teeth cutting in to the tongue
  • the horse is unable to swallow because of the tongue being clamped down by the bit
Equitopia Infraorbital Nerve
Crank nosebands are usually fitted across the Infraorbital nerve, eventually causing numbness
Equitopia Video 3 Ring Bit
How the action of the rein on 3-Ring Gag Bit forces the tongue onto molars
Equitopia Facial Nerves affected
Facial nerves affected by badly fitting bridles

“It’s all about a different mindset. Traditions can be changed. That horses can be treated more humanely,” Micklem says.